From Gail Menk:

"MINI-HAWK FESTIVAL:  I have recorded seven Red-tailed, three Red-shouldered,
and two Cooper's Hawks in Leon County during 10-22 July which somehow seems

On 20 July at the Springhill Road Sewage Treatment Plant (SRSTP), I recorded
an exhausted immature Northern Rough-winged Swallow, a species I deem
somewhat rare during July county-wise.  POOR THING - I would hope it has
since persevered and survived impending cosmic forces.

Biggest surprise, however, was viewing a Red-cockaded Woodpecker foraging in
a stretch of the Appalachicola National Forest just across the fence of the
southeast portion of the sprayfield area at SRSTP.  I had previously been
familiar with the "SRIPP" or "SHLIP" of said species but not with that
"PSICK" option as described in decades-ago Peterson Field Guides.  Said
"PSICK" was indeed that note which led me to eventual correct visual ID of
this Red-cockaded (zebra back and white cheek) which sound-wise I at first
assumed aurally was a Hairy Woodpecker.  MORAL:  I hate to bone-up - hone-up
on my birding acumen via the old-fashioned Peterson Guides as well as et al.

Lastly, but not leastly, on 22 July I recorded a Yellow Warbler at Black
Swamp II, only my second July record for Leon County, also likely the
earliest-ever fall record for said county.  N.B.:  The fall migration is in
sway locally.  'Nuff said?"

Keith MacVicar
Tallahassee  FL
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