Hi Ken and others,

In working with the FOS bird records committee, designing a field checklist
of Florida Birds,  I too asked about Elegant Tern. It turns out no photos or
details of the sighting have been sent to the committee for review.  I can't
speak for the FOS Bird Records committee, I'm not a member, but I believe
that until details of the record are officially submitted to the FOS Bird
Record Committee, it will remain excluded from the official list.

It might be worth a thread about the birds we could reasonably expect to
occur or that have already occurred but not verified.  One bird that leaps
to mind is Red-necked Grebe!


Kurt Radamaker
Orlando FL

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After reviewing the list, one name seems to stare at me as being missing. I
wonder why Elegant Tern was not included, since we had one for some time
last Fall at Honeymoon Island S. P.

Ken Allen
Temple Terrace, FL
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