While thinking about the many posts that I have posted to Birdbrains since its
inception, it seems to me that most may not be appropriate for Floridabirds,
as my posts are more specific to birding in Mid Pinellas County.  I guess my
posts could be classified as:

1.  Frequent migration reports, a lot of times every day, regardless of how
common the migrant is.  These reports give the local birder an idea of what
birds and how many are "dropping" into this part of Pinellas County.

2.  Periodically listing most of the species I've seen in a given park on that
day to provide Pinellas' newer birders with an idea of what can be found there.

3.  Birds that are of interest only because they don't normally occur in the
they were found in.  In some cases they have been on property not accessible to
the public, and therefore, are of interest only by those interested in the fact
they occurred in Mid Pinellas.

Judy Fisher
Seminole, Fl
Located in Mid Pinellas County
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