Thanks to all who have responded for help in identifying the Peterson Western
Guide.  In addition to those who posted to this listserv, I also received two
other excellent responses.  They are:


The original first edition has a "dirty necked swan". Having never seen one, I'm
not sure what it is but it's some sort of flaw in the coloration of one of the
swan species. Hope you have one!

Tyler Bell
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California, MD

HI Larry:
  The RTP Western guide 1st edition was in print from 1941 to 1961. To
tell if it is the first printing look at the title page: The year 1941
should be at or near the bottom of this page as well as on the copyright
page. It is how Houghton Mifflin identifies its first printings. If the
year is missing from the title page then it is a later printing. It is
also a later printing if the dust jacket is the "peterson blue" color that
we got use to over the years.

Ian "Birdbooker" Paulsen
Bainbridge Is., WA, USA
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"Rallidae all the way"


From what I now understand, the book I have is indeed a first edition, not the
first printing, but close to it since the jacket is not "Peterson blue".

Larry Albright
Winter Haven, FL
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