Hi All,

Barbara's post is an excellent lead-in to my feelings about the
continued use of a Listbot listserv for local purposes.  I have been
pondering the situation this morning doing yard work; yard work lends
itself quite well to such needs, as long as you are still paying
attention to what you are doing!  My conclusion is to leave my
Listbot, SWFLBirdline, as it is, because it was started to help
birders in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties know what birds were
being seen at our local areas.  It does that quite well, and I know
many local folks are very happy with it.  They are not state-wide
birders, and by judging from their past comments, have no use for a
state-wide listserv.  Florida is such a large state, and the different
regions have distinctive flora and fauna.  I would think each region
needs its local communiqué.  Outside of a few exceptions, from my SW
corner, it is not practical to travel beyond Tampa, Orlando, and Miami
for a day trip.  Most folk's birding down here is inside a 2 hour
drive.  Speaking for myself, I am very happy to be a part of both a
state-wide and local listserv.  I enjoy traveling to new places and
meeting new people, and birding is a great way to do both.  I like
knowing what is going on in other areas; cyber birding is the next
best thing to being there!

Barbara stated well exactly what I realized: There would be no reason
to post common migrant or wintering birds that are appearing
throughout Florida on FLORIDABIRDS-L, but I know folks that want to
know where the Whimbrels and Marbled Godwits are in SW FL.  I enjoy
sharing and reading these posts, and just like many of us do not enjoy
multiple copies of the same posts.  However, there are also birders
that think 10-20-30 different posts (like on BIRDCHAT) from around the
state is over-kill and clogs their email!

So, what is my solution?  I will inform SWFLBirdline subscribers of
the new listserv and its purpose.  No doubt many already know.  Folks
both inside and outside SW FL may wish to exercise their right to
unsubscribe, which luckily costs nothing and only takes a click of the
mouse, keyboard, etc., and use FLORIDABIRDS-L as their listserv of
choice.  Myself or others (I noticed Vince McGrath is already signed
up) will certainly post any significant sightings, events, stories
etc.  If my listserv is only left with 20 subscribers, that's 20
people that want it to exist.

Bring on the Fall migration!!!


Charlie Ewell
Cape Coral, FL
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