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Subject:        academic success seminars

Bruce, I noticed your questions this morning.  I've been doing a similar
series for a number of years.  Attendance is still sporadic however I feel
they are very worthwhile for the campus as a whole.  There are times when we
have standing room only (40 attendees) and other times, especially in the
spring, when we have fewer than 10 people.  However there is lots of
competition for students'  time and attention on this campus.

I've found that in voluntary workshops  you need to appeal more to some of
the top concerns and anxieties the students have such as concentration,
stress, procrastination, test taking, reading speed.  You can't do the same
type of things you might do in a classroom situation..  I feel they are an
excellent supplement for the student who might not attend a class and yet
needs the information.  Attendance will often motivate a student dig further
into these issures I've been integrating more group work and found it very
successful.  Students who attend voluntarily are often much more open and
willing to try new strategies.

. We sometimes have instructors who mandate the workshops for their class or
accompany the students to the workshop.  Occasionally I'll have a student
attend all l0 sessions.

Good luck with your program.  Hit as many avenues for advertising as
possible.  We consider the advisers our lifeline to the students.


Kathleen Thayer, Director
Liberal Arts Learning Center
Purdue University
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