Speed reading...

Once again, I find myself bristling. The worst thing any student could say
to me is that they engaged in speed reading something I wrote or a reading
I assigned. Explaining the reading process to students is prudent; I can't
endorse speed reading in higher education.

The reading demands over the years have changed radically. Instead of
taking a careful look at these changes, we have asked students to go into
warp 10 to keep up. We should be promoting less reading and far more
structured reflection, meaning thinking and writing, on reading

Henry Brown, written in 1829

O books! books! books! it makes me sick
To think how ye are multiplied,
Like Egypt's frogs, ye poke up thick
Your ugly heads on every side.

If a new thought but shakes its ear
Or wags its tail, tho' starved it look,
The world the precious news must hear
The presses groan, and lo! a book.



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