The Writing Center listserv (mailto:[log in to unmask]) often
disseminates tutoring scenariossuch as the following (quoted directly
from a listserv posting by Laura Brandon.

Here are several scenarios that we used in a multidisciplinary tutor
training session last August.  Hope they are helpful!

1. The student thinks that the tutor should be doing most of the work (she
only came to the tutor because her professor recommended it).

2. The first-year student is extremely emotional during the session, and the
tutor suspects that she may be under too much stress/homesick.

3. The student contradicts everything that the tutor says about her work.
Her negative attitude is preventing the two from working together.

4. The student wants extra credit for going to the tutor.  Her work hasn't
improved, but she has been getting tutored on a regular basis.  She asks the
tutor to talk to the professor about it.

5. The RTC (Return to College student - ie non-traditional age) seems to
resent the tutor's help.  She makes offhand comments throughout the session.

6. The student doesn't seem to understand what the tutor is trying to
explain.  The tutor has already tried many different ways to explain the
material, but the student is completely lost.

7. The student continuously turns the focus of the tutoring session to talk
about the professor and the other students in the class.


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Hello all!

I am in the process of preparing tutor training - sound familiar?  I would
like to do some role plays and/or case studies with the tutors.  Does anyone
have any examples easily accessible that they would be willing to share?

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Thanks and have a great day!

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