With short term workshops and seminars there is always the chance that
simple Likert Style response evaluations will lead students to "yes say" or
to evaluate the entertainment value of the session.  Open ended responses
are a bit better but still may not get at the growth issue.

The primary problem one faces is that for transfer to happen there is the
need for in-depth training.  Simple information conveyance or blind
training will not likely lead to transfer of skills/strategies/tactics to
academic contexts.  (This is not just a problem in workshops but also in
classes where the instructional delivery is unit by unit -- i.e., weekly or
weakly -- without opportunities for continued practice/mentorship over time
through a variation of the spiral curriculum that promotes sophistication
in strategy/tactic use.)

For workshops---I'd suggest using a form of the focus group evaluation that
draws upon students who have attended any of a number of your workshops
across a semester/year.  Be prepared for interesting
responses---particularly on the transfer issues.  (Oh yes---this is where
the pizza is served.)

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