Yes, Shirley, it cut off in mid-sentence, but you need to know which
sentence, right? Here is the end of what I received:


Shirley Smart
January 10, 2000
Reading Response Journal
Short Story

Double space all your work after the heading with no extra spaces between
paragraphs. Indent each paragraph (1 tab or 5 spaces).

 1st paragraph (introduction)
     What is the title of the short story? Short story titles are put in
quotation marks ("  ").
     What is the name of the book in which this short story is found.
(Be sure to underline the title and capitalize the first and last words
and all other words except articles (a, an, the), coordina

John M. Flanigan <[log in to unmask]>   The equation is the final arbiter.
Assistant Professor, Mathematics                    --Werner Heisenberg  The scoreboard is the final arbiter.
Kapi'olani Community College                        --Bill Walton
4303 Diamond Head Road                History is the final arbiter.
Honolulu HI  96816                                  --Edward Gibbon
(808) 734-9371                        Nature is the final arbiter.
                                                    --Barry Commoner