We have a three-tiered developmental program in math, reading and
English. 80-ish percent of incoming students need remediation.

The English and reading 80 (first tier) meet 7.5 hours/week and are
worth 4 semester-hours.  "Lab" time is included in these 7.5 hours - the
developmental classrooms are equipped with computers fro word processing
or practicing specific skills with reading and grammar software.

The math department changed math 80 - it was 7.5 hours/week and 4
semester-hours as well. The course started with arithmetic and finished
with algebra.  Students could not pass the algebra part, so math 80 was
changed to a three semester-hours course (4 or 5 hours/week), and math
81 was changed to a five semester-hours course and the algebra was
tacked onto that. I think it meets 7 hours/week. This new arrangement is
going to pilot the fall.

Overall retention rate for the 80 level - 40-ish percent :(

We offer a learning community for select students in English or reading
81.  It focuses around the class The College Success Seminar (CSS 110).
81 Classes meet 3 hours per week with an additional hour spent in a
required lab; they are worth 4 semester-hours.  Each section is assigned
a mentor who teaches the CSS 110 class.  Retention rates are phenomenal.

There is also another learning community here -
This one focuses around the Preparation for Academic Achievement (PRE
100) class.  The details escape me because this community has been on
hold since the coordinator left.  It is to be revived this semester and
offered next semester. The pilot semester had high retention rates.  I
believe the PRE 100 instructors were the mentors.

Finally, the 82 level.  They all meet 3 hours/week with a one hour/week
required lab. Decent retention and pass rates with minimal additional
student support.

Something interesting - 100% of 80 level courses are taught by adjunct
faculty.  The majority are retired elementary school teachers.  They
have the highest pass and retention rates.

Just thought I'd share...
Annmarie Chiarini
Academic Learning Center Coordinator
Liberty Main 152
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