Thanks for the ideas, Carolyn.

I like the idea of surveying the group to see how everyone has scored. It
sounds like a good way to get instructors talking about their teaching.

I appreciate your help.


At 09:28 AM 08/08/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Just a quick idea that I use and it's very effective in opening teacher's
minds to new ways of teaching.  I learned this in 4MAT training and have
used it with other learning styles instruments.  Have the teachers take a
learning styles assessment as you are already doing.  When they have their
own results, divide the room according to their results, ie, have all the
visual stand in one corner, all the auditory learners in another, the
"hands-on" in another, etc.  Then ask them to look around at how many
auditory learners there are.  This group is usually the smallest.  Then ask
them how they teach.  Usually teachers lecture.  Yet, how many of us are
auditory?  This is not foolproof and definitely not scientific.  But it
works 99% of the time and makes a wonderful point.  By the way, I do not do
this with high school or younger students beyond discussing how they can
adapt their learning style to the teacher's style.  They feel stressed to
have their individual behaviors discu!
>ssed in a group environment.  But it works great for teachers.
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>>>> Mark May <[log in to unmask]> 08/08/00 08:29AM >>>
>Have you conducted workshops for writing instructors or do you have
>expertise with teaching or learning styles instruments?
>I've been asked by the director of composition to help with a workshop for
>fifty or so instructors.  The goal of the workshop is to try to get the
>instructors to rethink their teaching methods--to gain an appreciation for
>the different ways that students learn about the process of writing and to
>gain an understanding of the assumptions underlying their own instructional
>Our plan is to first give the instructors either a learning style inventory
>or teaching style inventory and discuss their results. Second, to ask them
>to write a brief essay on how they teach the concept of a thesis statement.
>Third to break the instructors into small groups to discuss their own
>process of writing the essay as well as their methods of teaching the
>concept. Finally, to discuss what changes they might make in their
>classroom based upon what they've learned during the workshop.
>I'm asking for help in two areas. First, given a limited time frame, what
>would you consider to be the best learning or teaching style inventory to
>use (one that's readily available and quickly scored)? Second, what
>suggestions do you have for the workshop?
>I appreciate your help. Thanks.
>Mark May
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