This maybe an issue for those of us who didn't grow up with computers, but
what about those who have grown up using computers since they started
elementary school?  I wonder if the use of this technology will be as
natural to them as reading books to gain knowledge is to us?

Cathy Anderson
LC/Gillette Campus

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>> While there may well be a renaissance in book culture, I question
>>whether one is required.  What difference does it make whether paper
>> and ink are used?  One of my favorite CDs is from Project Gutenberg.
>> a thousand novels in my office in 1/4 inch of shelf space!

> But do you actually enjoy reading those novels on a computer screen?

It doesn't bother me at all really, though I should perhaps note that
use a good quality 17" monitor at 640x480 and usually read with the
seatback reclined.  I suspect eyestrain could occur if one tried to read
tiny blurry type all day.

 Prof. Eric Kaljumagi
 Mt. San Antonio College