Sometimes you simply need to try a couple times to get the dissertation.  I
was able to borrow the Blake dissertation about 12-24 months ago from the
University of Maryland.  Your problem may be that someone has it checked
out at this time. (I would assume that UMD has a resident/archive copy and
a lending copy). It may be that your interlibrary loan office is following
the old song that any dissertation held by UMI can not come out via
interlibrary loan (because of agreements signed when each dissertation is
given over to UMI).  Make sure that the interlibrary loan office really
tried to get it.  (You might try to get your local library to try as well.)

UMI holds rights to the Joel Luther Bailey dissertation, and it has sold it
in the past. It was for an EdD (Univ of TN) in March of 1982.  The number
on the dissertation is 8215369.  There is also another strange number --
3267 on the page noting that my copy was printed in 1984.

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