I don't know what your tutoring time is, but I have a great time
management activity that is very eye-opening!

Challenge students to track what they do in 15 minute increments for
three (or more) days!  Ask them to carry a notebook and pen with them
everywhere and every fifteen minutes record the time and what they are
doing. Or they can list the time in fifteen-minute increments and fill
in what they are doing as they go.  Then ask students to share what they
spent the most time doing.  I also have information about four ways
people spend time if you are interested in having students analyze how
they spend time.

I have done this exercise with my composition classes right before
assigning the research paper to give them a real sense of planning and
to halt procrastination. I also keep a log myself and share it with my
classes!  it's a hoot!

Annmarie Chiarini
Academic Learning Center Coordinator
Liberty Main 152
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