I should clarify -- our goal is to teach students to write, of course, but
we are concerned that allowing tutors to tutor their own students might
breach some sort of teacher-student ethics system.  (Would it be unfair that
this student is getting extra attention from the teacher, even though that
teacher is serving in a tutoring capacity and not, technically, as the
teacher?) Or is it all one and the same, as the goal is writing (no matter
whether it is learned through tutoring or teaching)?

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It doesn't seem gray to me at all. What is the desired outcome? Is it to
determine a grade for the students? Or is it to teach the students to

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We are considering implementing a new policy in our academic support center
barring our writing tutors from tutoring the students they also teach in
their own writing classes.  It is sort of a gray area for us, and we are
sure if implementing such a policy would be too rigid or whether it is
absolutely necessary.  Is this an issue for anyone else?  How have you
with it?


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