I tutor my students also during office hours or whever it is convient for
the student and I. Yes that is a form of tutoring. If the student needs more
than I can provide, than I suggest a tutoring lab or centre or a private
tutor but most schools have a tutoring lab. i think it is great, however
when we as college teachers can tutor our students as we are the ones
teaching the material. what do all of you think? France

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But the teacher is already getting paid to teach
the course.
And the student is allowed to see the instructor
during office hours I would guess.
So how is tutoring any different than office

In fact, one of the ways I bring students into my
tutor lab is through teaching courses.  It builds
a reputation for the tutor lab being helpful, and
the students tell students in other sections of
the course about this important resource.

Roger Child wrote:
> I believe you should have such a policy. At the Univ of Iowa this is
not a
> gray area at all. (It comes under the headings of 'ethics' and
'conflict of
> interest'.)
> It is NOT OK for anyone who teaches, grades papers, or in any other
way may
> have an influence on grades earned in a course to accept payment for
> tutoring a student in that course. This policy is established by the
> College of Liberal Arts but is generally applied throughout the
> Roger Child, Director
> Student Support Services
> (New Dimensions In Learning)
> The University of Iowa
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> >We are considering implementing a new policy in our academic support
> >barring our writing tutors from tutoring the students they also teach
> >their own writing classes.
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