Hi Barb,

SI is one of the best models to follow.  It is not too late because
Julia visor is offering a SI supervisor training session in August as
listed below.  Also, I just trained 2 people from Southeastern CC in NC.
 You may see if they can help you get started if you choose to try SI.

Ruth Batten
Southeastern Community College
POB 151
Whiteville, NC 28472
910-642-7141 ext. 367
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Elaine Bivens
Southeastern Community College
POB 151
Whiteville, NC 28472
910-642-7141 ext. 371
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I am a Certified Trainer for Supplemental Instruction, and I am
conducting an SI Training Workshop August 9-11, 2000, at Illinois
University in Normal, Illinois.  All those who are interested in
adopting the SI program or in training new staff in existing programs
that time are welcome to attend.  I have attached the
form, but I understand that many of you cannot receive attachments on
this listserv. For those of you who cannot, I have pasted in below
a copy of  the text of the registration form (sans the cute
If you would like me to send an individual attachment of the
registration form or if you have questions, please e-mail me

Julia N. Visor
Certified Trainer for Supplemental Instruction>
University Center for Learning Assistance
Illinois State University
Normal IL 61790-4070
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ph 309.438.7100

SI Supervisor Training Workshop
August 9-11, 2000
Illinois State University
Normal, Illinois

For information, contact
Dr. Julia N. Visor, Certified Trainer for SI
University Center for Learning Assistance
4070 Illinois State University
NORMAL IL 61790-4070
ph 309-438-7100
e-mail [log in to unmask]

Best wishes to you..............


Dennis H. Congos
Supplemental Instruction Coordinator
Student Academic Resource Center
POB 163115
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816-3115
Phone 407-823-5130
FAX 407-823-2051
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