I have used these links successfully:


If you are interested in practice on college textbook material go to . Excerpts from 10 of
Prentice Hall's college textbooks, ranging from Histroy to Automotive
Technology to Environmental Science  and more, are posted and followed with
vocabulary and comprehension practice along with essay questions and links
to web sites for additional reading on the subjects.  Readers get immediate
scores for their work.

And, CNN offers a site with continual updates and archives that provides
current news stories and practice on vocabulary and comprehension. The site
is and my students really like it. Look for
the story of the week and notice that is available in full length and
abridged (easier reading) versions.

Maggi Miller
Auistin Community College

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Can anyone recommend good software or websites to help teach vocabulary?
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Colleen Lynch, Santa Fe Community College, NM