I've looked at the page for subscribing to the LCN newsletter. I do not see
any indication of a privacy policy that would suggest that your e-mail
address, for example, would not be shared or sold. This is something I like
to see whenever I give out personal information on the internet. Here is a
good example of such a statement:

This is certainly not to suggest that Accutrack will use our personal
information in any adverse way or without permission, nor that any business
without such a statement is apt to do so.

I bring this up only to take advantage of an opportunity to increase
awareness of internet privacy issues that should concern us more these
days. A quick web search for "internet privacy" will lead you to a
surprising amount of information on the topic.

Roger Child, Director
Student Support Services
(New Dimensions In Learning)
The University of Iowa
310 Calvin Hall
IOWA CITY  IA  52242

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