I think that you put the wrong link into your message, or the
link has been lost on the page you named. (Well, I couldn't
find it on the page you indicate.)

But a quick search of the website found the "privacy statement"
page and three or four other pages that link to it directly.
Here it is:


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Roger, we do have a privacy policy that is posted in other places on our web
site.  Here is an example:

We do not share or sell customers or subscribers contact info.  We will
display a copy of this privacy policy or link to it on the LCN page as well.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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I've looked at the page for subscribing to the LCN newsletter. I do not see
any indication of a privacy policy that would suggest that your e-mail
address, for example, would not be shared or sold. This is something I like
to see whenever I give out personal information on the internet. Here is a
good example of such a statement: