You may want to check out

They have a MATH discussion forum, which includes math symbols to click on to
show problems and this is in a asynch forum area. My understanding that this
forum will be offered free until 2002. This site also offers shells for
online classes, which uses the same web rendering for math.

Our biggest problem with online classes for math is for someway for the
students to show their work in correct math symbols without having a long

Lucy MacDonald
Online Faculty
Chemeketa Community College
Salem, OR

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<< We offered online tutoring for two online courses this past spring
One was done through a chat room connected through the math course and the
other via e-mail. We are looking to expand it for both online and
traditional courses this semester.  Students seemed to like the chat room
idea, since their questions were answered, with an example, immediately.
The problem with this is that not all of our students (I work at a community
college)have computers at home or have enough internet savvy to follow a
math chat room.  It worked best for the students in the class itself.  The
e-mail method seemed to work for quick fix questions that students felt they
could wait the 24 hour turn around time.  I will be experimenting with
bulletin boards this semester as well as more online tutoring via a
classroom chat.

I would love to hear what other campuses are doing as well!

Karyn Schulz
Coordinator of Tutoring
CCBC Essex