I don't think that any one side will be persuaded to change their minds
overnight re: preferred manner of obtaining information.  Technology will
advance despite some of our attempts at maintaining status quo.  Those who
prefer to actually hold a book will do just that.  Those who prefer to read
via a screen or whatever technology will offer at that time will experiment
and make personal preference judgments accordingly.  If we beat others'
doors down in the hopes of convincing them of our viewpoint, then the rules
of equity have changed and we have to question whether or not the change in
perspective is really valid.  Let us acknowledge our differences in
preference...that is, after all, what makes us unique.

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But do you actually enjoy reading those novels on a computer screen?

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> I'd like to weigh in on this issue of the future of books. In the
> years, I have seen a proliferation of book stores. They get larger
> inclusive. They not only sell books, but they become up to date
libraries in
> which readers can browse and read to their hearts content. I'm
referring to
> the Barnes and Noble, Crown Books, and that other large book store
(the name
> is escaping me). These book stores appear to be as popular as coffee
shops or
> bars. They open early and stay open late. The reason for their
existence is
> that people are hungry for books. I DON'T see the problem of the
> of book culture. If anything, I see a renaissance in book culture.

While there may well be a renaissance in book culture, I question
whether one is required.  What difference does it make whether paper
ink are used?  One of my favorite CDs is from Project Gutenberg.  Over
thousand novels in my office in 1/4 inch of shelf space!

Prof. Eric Kaljumagi
Mt. San Antonio College