I agree.  A site like this will only be as good as the ethics of the people
using it, and in my experience, allowing people to broadcast their views
under the name "Anonymous" usually decreases their sense of responsibility.
Besides, imagine the other possibilities: Got a beef with a colleague? Post
a damning review.  Competing for a position?  Post scathing reviews of the

Of course, the reverse would also hold true: instructors and their buddies
could post glowing reviews of each other.

Without any oversight, this site is not much better than a bathroom wall and
potentially a lot more damaging.

Leslie K. Yoder
Southwestern College

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Date: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: Smile, Your (sic) On Candid Computer

>I find this site a bit disturbing.  On first glance, it seems to be a
wonderful idea:  a place where students can provide information on courses
and instructors anonymously.  Ideally, it would give constructive feedback
for instructors to improve their methods and course design and help students
find teachers who could meet their learning needs.
>Unfortunately, a number of the reviews I read at the site seemed to be more
malicious diatribe than impartial review or feedback:  "It's rumored he
cried when _Ellen_ was canceled."  There is no warning on the site for
students to consider that one person's opinion may not be the only opinion
or that the survey hardly represents a scientific sample of the population
of students taking any given course.  There is no guarantee that any of the
information submitted by students is true.  All the reviews I read were
reportedly written by students who got A's.  Hmm....  I wonder who would
admit to anything less on a website read by millions, even anonymously.
>Lisa Dague
>Writing Center Manager
>Utah Valley State College
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>Gary Probst wrote:
>Check out
>This a great website. All colleges and universities are listed.   Check
>your college or univeristy to see if you are listed!   Prepare for the
>day when you will find yourself listed.   This will do more for
>improving higher education than any evaluation currently used.   Just
>think*You friends, relatives and neighbors will be reading this!  What
>will your mother think?!
>Sample comments:
>                        Dr. ______ should not be teaching (a lower level
>class). He obviously does not care about
>                        the class--his Powerpoint slides are not
>proofread, and his lectures generally consist of him
>                        reading the slides to us. Very boring. He did
>not teaches very much what he wants to
>                        teach, not what the class curriculum is about,
>judging from what people in other bsci106
>                        classes were learning. He teaches only what he
>believes, not the opposing theories. In fact,
>                        he has attacked students for presenting opposing
>views (and legitimate ones at that). If you
>                        are considering taking a class taught by ______,
>wait for another professor and take a
>                        different class in the meantime.
>                        Excellent teacher. She makes class pretty
>enjoyable and does not try to use up all the
>                        time if it is not needed. Tests(3) are fair and
>based mostly on class notes (simple if you go
>                        to class plus extra credit questions). If you
>come into the final with an A, you don't have to
>                        take it. In class you will find yourself dancing
>the "I am wrong dance" or answering
>                        questions for candy.
>                        This is a class everyone should take. Dr. ______
>lectures were superb and very
>                        reminicent of 'Dr. Science' episodes. Due to the
>demostrations, the lectures were never
>                        boring. Dr. _______ is one of those professors
>who make the subject they teach enjoyable.
>                        The tests were a little too easy, which created
>an atmosphere of people missing lectures.
>                        But that is their loss cause every class I made
>was another memory created. I recomend
>                        Dr. _______.