For Barbara:  We have just begun to collect articles and quotes to justify
study skills programs and services. Unfortunately, we only have a few online
but are researching others to be placed on the Learning Support Centers in
Higher Education web site.

The citations are at   Choose
"Resources" at home page. Then choose "Program Justification" to see the

BTW, to all LRNASSTERS, this is your web site so if you find any citations
that should be here, please email me with the full citation, APA style
preferred. And if there are so few out there, let's begin to publish program
justification articles.

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Subject: help! need stats on study skills courses

> Help! In my first month on the job, I've been asked to provide a
research-based rationale for reviving a required study skills/college
success course for our Dev. Ed. stus.  Does anyone have any direct links to
research/supporting stats.?  I've accessed  many of Boylan's articles from
the NADE and NCDE sites, but the stats he uses to support DevEd in general
are more useful for our long-term efforts to promote a climate change (in
faculty attitudes toward dev. ed.) rather than our short-term efforts to
convince faculty that study skills courses "work", at least as a stop-gap
measure.  I know that a more effective approach is thru a SI model or
cross-curricular approach to integrating ss instruction into curriculum
courses, but this is the approach that is approved for Fall.  We have to
start somewhere!
> Barb Putman
> Learning Assistance Center Coordinator
> Southwestern Community College (NC)