For stats, use Claire Ellen Weinstein's material for Learning to Learn.  Her
LASSI has extensive data and statistical research behind it, which shows that
each scale makes a difference in RETENTION!

At Chemeketa CC we use separate study skills classes, paired classes and SI.
I also teach study skills online and have students from all over the US!!

Lucy MacDonald
Study Skills Online Faculty
Chemeketa Community College
Salem, OR

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<<Help! In my first month on the job, I've been asked to provide a
research-based rationale for reviving a required study skills/college success
course for our Dev. Ed. stus.  Does anyone have any direct links to
research/supporting stats.?  I've accessed  many of Boylan's articles from
the NADE and NCDE sites, but the stats he uses to support DevEd in general
are more useful for our long-term efforts to promote a climate change (in
faculty attitudes toward dev. ed.) rather than our short-term efforts to convi
nce faculty that study skills courses "work", at least as a stop-gap measure.
 I know that a more effective approach is thru a SI model or cross-curricular
approach to integrating ss instruction into curriculum courses, but this is
the approach that is approved for Fall.  We have to start somewhere!

Barb Putman
Learning Assistance Center Coordinator>>