The newsletter email goes to because that's where
the newsletter is hosted.  We are considering getting the LCN its own domain
and host server, but that will add to its costs.

The only "advertising" has been the words "Sponsored by AccuTrack" at the
top of the newsletter with a web link.  You can view all past issues on the
web and check the content for yourself.

Someone else has asked me why we publish the LCN, and here's the answer:

1) To be involved in the learning center community.  We develop software for
learning centers, and being involved helps us do this better.
2) As a service to our customers and the learning-assistance community in
general.  We appreciate working with learning centers, and we like to give
something back.
3) It's fun :)

The involvement of learning center professionals is highly encouraged and
vital to the newsletter success.  The juicy articles are contributed by
learning-assistance professionals who volunteer  some of their time to share
their experience and knowledge with their colleagues.  To participate,
please email me at [log in to unmask]

If you have other questions please email off the list at the email address


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The link to subscribe to the newsletter goes to
is the web address for Accutrack.  Plus, the program is "advertised" if you
will, as web links throughout the newsletter.

I guess objective is not quite the right word (my mind thinks it is Monday).
totally agree with your comments but my gut reaction is that a newsletter
directed towards learning center professionals should be moderated by
center professionals.  I thought it was strange.

My question about objectivity is in that if there are competing products to
Accutrack (and I am related to one called TutorTrac) how likely will
information about it or information from related parties get into the
newsletter?  Will a software review about a competing product get in?

I still find the newsletter valuable, just a comment about its origins.

Thanks for your comments!