This announcement is in response to the number of LRNASSTERS who have
expressed an interest in on line tutoring.

Corrine Johnson, a leader for CRLA's Tutoring SIG, will be presenting at the
next Winter Institute in the Phoenix area, January 02-06, 2001.  Her
presentation is one of a series that will be surveying the use of technology
by learning support centers in tutoring, math, study skills, writing,  basic
skills, on line course development and support, and learning center

In addition to Corrine Johnson (Mesa State College) on online tutoring, the
Institute will feature  Lucy MacDonald (Chemeketa College) on study skills,
David Caverly (Southwest Texas University) on basic skills, Brad Hughes
(University of Wisconsin/Madison) on writing, Gideon Weinstein (USMA/West
Point) on math, Ray Ganey (Cochise College) and Frank Christ (University of
Arizona) on online course development and support.

The keynoter is Alan Levine (Maricopa County Community College District
technologist), recognized internationally for his expertise on technology in
higher education.

For information on the Winter Institute, go to the Learning Support
Centers in Higher Education web site

Although you should bookmark this site for future browsing, here are the key
web pages for the Winter Institute that are accessed from the left column of
web headers:

At "Next WI," you will find registration information and program highlights

At "Winter Institute Archives," you will find
    ... a brief description of the Institutes,
    ...  the WI philosophy  that distinguishes the institutes from most
other professional conferences,
    ...  a  history of the Institutes from the original vision of Martha
Maxwell to hold a week-long summer training program for learning support
center directors and staff at UC Berkeley to  the present winter series
co-sponsored by the University of Arizona and Paradise Valley Community
    ...  description and excerpts from evaluations of previous Winter
    ...  a table of contents and full text of selected presentations
reprinted from Winter Institute Proceedings for 1992/1993, 1994/1995, and
  ...  a Winter Institute Directory of Mentors/Presenters with photos and
short biographical sketches.

Please note that the "Winter Institute WebBoard" is open only to Winter
Institute participants and to web site staff who have submitted their web
site in the annual learning support center web site excellence awards

I hope that  you will consider coming to what participants have always
considered the premier collegial experience for learning center
administrators and staff.

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