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But... what is the difference between students who volunteer because they
want the information and those that volunteer because they want the free
pizza? :)

Another issue is the reliance on self report in evaluation -- I am not quite
sure how else to measure changes after a short term intervention such as a
workshop.  Any suggestions about instrumentation?

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Date: Friday, August 25, 2000 11:44 AM
Subject: Re: FW: academic success seminars

>There is one point I'd like to make about volunteer programs whether they
>be FYE courses, study strategy courses, speed reading workshops, etc.  When
>you crank out the evalaution data--please do not try to compare the
>volunteers to the regular university population or a non-volunteer group on
>any measure.  There is likely to be an effect based on the volunteerism.
>It will probably make your endeavor look positive, but the practice is not
>appropriate.  The misuse of this flawed design was rampant in the FYE
>literature and presentations at one point.  There are a few higher
>education administrators that understand design issues (although not as
>many as one would think---sorry I'm a bit on the cynical side today.)
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