Colleagues: This year marks the beginning of annual awards for three
outstanding learning support center web sites.

The awards are sponsored by LSCHE, the only web site focused exclusively on
learning support centers in higher education. Only US learning support
center web sites are eligible for the awards.

Rules for the awards and a copy of the criteria for the awards can be found
on the LSCHE web site at

I have also attached to this email a copy of the criteria in MSW 6.0. This
criteria is also published as part of this email if you cannot read

All US learning center web sites are encouraged to participate. Each site
will be judged by five judges ( a student, a faculty member, a learning
center current administrator, an ex-learning center director, and a
non-learning center webmaster) on the basis of criteria developed
especially for learning center web sites. Sites must register by October
15th to participate.  Request for a site to be considered for the award is
to be submitted from the learning center director by email to
[log in to unmask]   A reply email will acknowledge the submission and
will include a copy of the evaluation form that will be used to judge a web
site along with rules of the web site awards.

Please note that judging of sites will not begin until October 16 so you
have time to review your site and make any modifications before the judging

Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced at the Winter
Institute 2000 banquet held at the Hampton Suites Hotel  in Phoenix on
January 06, 2001. The three top winning sites will be awarded wall plaques
and donated items from publishers and/or software developers.

In addition, award winning sites may display .the LSCHE award icon on their
web site home page. Also, a letter announcing the award will be sent to each
winner's institution along with a press release that will be sent to campus
and community newspapers. Results of the web site awards will also be posted
to the LRNASST listserv and will be archived on the Learning Support Center
in Higher Education web site at :
Criteria for Learning Center Web Sites: Checklist for LSCHE Web Site Awards
2000 Frank Christ
1.0 Appearance: Home Page
1.1 Download Duration (less than 20 seconds)
1.2 General Appearance 640x460
1.3 Name of Center
1.4 Mission Statement
1.5 Program & Services list and description
1.6 Pictures of Students
1.7 Staff names, bios, and photos
1.8 Institutional Identification
1.9 Readability
1.10 Search Function
1.11 Webmaster Feedback mailto
1.12 Date of Last Update

2.0 Appearance: All Pages
2.1 All links functional
2.2 Relevant/appropriate graphics
2.3 Uses a websafe palette/ browser safe colors (256 colors)
2.4 Light background and dark text for printing
2.5 Colors appropriate for color-deficient viewers
2.6 Uses readable fonts in readable sizes
2.7 Uses sans serif for headlines; serif for body copy
2.8 Uses "curly professional quotes"
2.9 Uses correct spelling, grammar, punctuation
2.10 Uses vertical alignment (left is preferred)
2.11 Uses alt labels with graphics
2.12 Uses JPEG for photos; GIF for other graphics
2.13 Uses matching text link with graphic link
2.14 With browser at 640 x 460 pixels, all pages are visible
2.15 Date of last update on each page

3.0 Content
3.1 Welcome message from director
3.2 List/descriptions of programs & services
3.3 Photos of staff
3.4 Photos of center
3.5 Institution Name and Location visible on home page
3.6 Links to other institutional support services
3.7 Links to external learning skills web sites

4.0 Navigability
4.1 Loads Home page quickly
4.2 Uses a site outline or index (a-z) if site is large and/or complex
4.3 Has link to campus home page or campus admin unit main page
4.4 Has link on campus home page or administrative unit main page to
learning center home page
4.5 Has learning center appropriate links
4.6 Uses underlining only for links
4.7 Maintains same buttons and link ids on all pages
4.8 Uses alt labels whenever graphics are used as links
4.9 User can predict where the link will lead from its title or description
4.10 Has no page links that take viewer to exact same page that link is on
4.11 No "orphan" pages
4.12 Has all active links
4.13 Uses same text link colors throughout web site
4.14 Links are apparent and easily chosen

5.0 Features
5.1 Site Map
5.2 Changing announcements (new/updated information
5.3 Thumbnails available for large images

6.0 Bonus Points
6.1 Bobby approved
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