Ultimate Speed Reader is no longer available. We have tried Ace Speed Reader, but received permission from Davidson and Associates to use the text of the written exercises from an OLD version of Speed Reader by Davidson. We're also looking at FReader Speed Reading Software @ http://www.readingsoft.com. It seems to accomplish a lot of the same things that I found helpful in Speed Reader by Davidson. I hope this information helps. By the way, speedreading is also a componenet of our developmental reading courses. Our goal is to increase their reading speed, improve eye movement, and strengthen their eye muscles. We don't expect our students to become true speedreaders, merely increase their speed to help them keep up with their college reading load.

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I second the recommendation of Ultimate Speed Reader.  I used it years ago and it was useful in just the way Shirley mentioned-- over a semester with consistent practice.  Ain't that always the way!


Shirley Smart wrote:

> We use speed reading as a part of our developmental and advanced reading courses. We have had good success with an inexpensive program by Davidson called Ultimate Speed Reader. I have modified the directions a bit. It doesn't happen in a short time, but over the course of a semester with consistent use, our students have doubled their reading speed and improved their comprehension. I highly recommend this program, but I can't see it helping in a short seminar.

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