Late this afternoon (18 Oct 00) I found this bird in the coastal oaks near
the tip of Bald Pt.  Strangely, less than a mile before, I saw a bird that
might have been a Myiarchus, and heard a "whit" note that I could not
place, but couldn't pull the bird out of the woody area.

Other birds:

White Pelican                 200 over yard
Ring-billed Gull                1 ad., 1st of the season (for me)
Whip                              singing, heard from yard
Wood Pewee                  3
Phoebe                          3
Swainson's Thrush          yard
White-eyed Vireo            yard
Red-eyed Vireo               2 @ water sprinkler
Tenn. Warbler                 2 @    "          "
Yellow-rump. Warbler      3
Pine Warbler                  5+ at feeder
Palm Warbler                  25 all Ws
Scarlet Tanager               1 @ water sprinkler
Indigo Bunting                 8 @ feeder
Chipping Sparrow            2  my 1st this season
Clay-colored Sparrow       1
Swamp Sparrow               2 at feeder
White-thr. Sparrow           1 imm. at feeder, my 1st this season
White-crowned Spw.         2 imm.

Note:  The Chippings, Clay-colored, and the White-crowns were together in a
"bunch" in a blob of scrub on the  beach side of Bald Pt. road.  These are
just the ones I could nail down, many sparrows got away.

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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