Tropical Audubon's S. Dade trip was today.  We saw about 65 species.  The
highlight was an adult Scissor-tailed Flycatcher behind the Homestead
Airport.  It was sitting on the fence, at eye level, and sallying out for
insects.  We drove up beside it and got great looks, especially when it
sallied forth.

Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are regular in Dade in fall/winter, but in case
any are interested, the airport is at SW 217th Ave. and Avacado (296th
St.).  You can get there by heading S on Krome Ave., and then W on
296th.  Head N on 217th to the NE corner of the airport.  Turn L (W) along
the northern boundary fence, then S along the western boundary fence.  The
bird was about half way down.

Other birds of note were two Snail Kites a couple of miles N of the
Chekika entrance on 237th Ave.

We also noticed a large amount of water being pumped into the East
Everglades along 232nd Ave. (perhaps about 200th St.).  The road has been
reconstructed to allow this.  I suspect it's intended to increase water
flow in Taylor Slough.  It's created a large lake.  If it lasts, it might
be good for ducks later in the fall.  Right now, it has Coot, Moorhen,
Grebes, and Cormorants.

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