Dale Henderson called this evening to report a Buff-bellied Hummingbird in
her garden at Cedar Key. She's amenable to having visitors, just so long as
they close the gate behind them to prevent her chicken (!) from getting

Cedar Key is on the Gulf Coast west of Gainesville, at the end of SR-24.
You'll cross two longish bridges and one short one, and I think it's after
the short one that you should see the convenience store on your right. Turn
right just before the store - there's a sign directing you to the airport -
and follow the road as it curves left around the tidal flat and then right
around the school. When you come to a T intersection (a sign will point left
to the airport), turn right and continue to the stop sign at the end of the
road - for all those familiar with Cedar Key, this is the stop sign past the
cemetery. This is another T. The road in front of you is called Hodges
something-or-other. Turn left, and after a couple hundred feet you'll see a
purple martin house on your right, at Andrews Circle. Dale's house is on the
corner across from the purple martin house. The bird was nectaring in the
firespike today. No need to announce your presence. Walk right in. But
remember the chicken, and shut the gate. Always remember the chicken. Words
to live by.

If my directions are too confusing, go to and ask it to make
you a map for Andrews Circle at Cedar Key.

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