Lloyd Davis visited the north shore of Newnans Lake via Gum Root Swamp on
the 29th, the first person in a while to do so. What he found sounds similar
to the mix of birds that spent last winter:

American White Pelican  ~100
Great Blue Heron  107
Great Egret  ~85
Wood Stork  40
Mottled Duck  18
Green-winged Teal  23
Black-bellied Plover  2
American Avocet  1
Greater Yellowlegs  51
Lesser Yellowlegs  3
Dunlin  16
Stilt Sandpiper  13
dowitcher sp.  81
Common Snipe  19

This morning I puttered around Orange Lake's McIntosh Bay with Ron Matus and
John Moran of the Gainesville Sun. The water here is very low, and there are
two huge mud flats a couple hundred yards off the boat ramp. Plenty of
shorebirds on the flats - dowitchers, yellowlegs, Killdeer, and peeps - plus
dozens of Glossy Ibis, a Limpkin, large numbers of Great Egrets and White
Ibis, and all the usual stuff. There were hundreds of Blue-winged Teal, with
a scattering of Green-winged Teal, and a handful of Ruddy Ducks.  I saw my
first gull (Herring?) and Forster's Terns of the fall. And we didn't even
get to explore the bonnets, where I saw other shorebirds popping up from
hidden mud flats. Someone with a canoe or (Dr. Kratter) a kayak might find
something unusual out there....

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