Hi all -

    I'm in the Rio Grande Valley for the TX Butterfly Festival, but the
local birders / butterfliers are still buzzing about the number of western
bird species that are showing up in West Texas and the RGV, including a big
influx of Wilson's Warblers a few weeks ago.  Lately, there are Nashville
Warblers in every thicket, the canoe trip down the Rio Grande spotted a
WINTER WREN (!), and there have been things like Lewis' Woodpecker in West

    I was at the Hazel Bazemore Hawk Lookout in Corpus Christi, TX in late
September, and we saw almost 20 dark-morph Broadwing Hawks (from the Western
BW population) in the days before the big numbers of BWs (the Eastern
population) arrived   Also, look at the number of Lark Sparrows that have
been reported in the East this fall, and sightings like David Simpson's
McGillivray's Warbler in the Keys are all signs that we may have a very
memorable Christmas Count season coming up.

    It would be very interesting if someone could tie in the hot, extremely
dry western summer (including the fires!) to weather patterns this fall that
could be bringing the western species to the east.   Oh yeah, I almost
forgot - NY had its first Cassin's Sparrow recently!

Keep your eyes open -

Clay Taylor
Moodus, CT
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> Vincent,
>         Though I'm not personally keeping track of all the Wilson's
> being seen this fall, there does seem to be many more than usual being
> around the state.  I think, too, there are many more Clay-colored Sparrows
> being seen than previously as well.  The cold front that pushed through a
> week or so ago could certainly be a direct reason, as I believe some new
> state "coldest temp for the date" records were broken all over.
>         Whatever the reason, let's hope the birds keep rolling in.
> Ron Smith
> St. Pete, FL
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> Subject: [FLORIDABIRDS-L] FL Wilson's Warbler Influx
> > Greetings:
> >
> > Having noted the unusual influx of Wilson's Warblers throughout the
> > state, I thought I'd add one more report. This morning in my yard at my
> > condo here in Naples (Collier County) in a mixed flock of Palm, Pine,
> > Prairie and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, I had a gorgeous male Wilson's
> > Warbler. I watched this bird for over a minute before it flew off.
> >
> > This was only my second Wilson's Warbler ever for Florida. My first came
> > earlier this winter in Gainesville (thanks Rex!). I'm wondering if
> > is keeping track of Wilson's Warblers in the state, as there is a
> > definite influx of this species, as has been noted by others. Has this
> > ever happened in previous years I wonder?
> >
> > Good birding!
> >
> > Vince Lucas
> > Naples, FL
> >