Just got back last night from leading the 3 field trips to Honeymoon Island
during the FL Birding Festival. The birding was generally good with superb
close up views of about 18 species of shorebirds in all. There are at least
3,000 Common Terns roosting in Pelican Cove at the north end of the island
with smaller numbers of Sandwich, Royal, Caspian and Forster's Terns. The Pet
Bech has a nice flock of Charadrius plovers right at the point where the
trail meets the beach. These have included about 40 Wilson's, 8 Snowy and up
to 3 Piping Plovers. A Great Horned Owl showed really well on all 3 days in
the first quarter of a mile of the Osprey Trail on the left as you go up. A
few other interesting sightings:

October 6th - Long-billed Curlew along the Dunedin Causeway, Peregrine Falcon
at the Pet Beach. A few Scarlet Tanagers but few warblers.

October 7th - A couple of Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Nashville Warbler about 300
yards up the Osprey Trail on the left, female Wilson's Warbler about 200
yards up the Osprey Trail at the first trail intersection on the left.

October 8th - Few passerines but 5 Peregrine Falcons and a couple of Merlins.

Ed Kwater
Brandon, FL
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