Even fewer birds today than yesterday at Turkey Creek.  However, with a little effort, a good variety of birds were found.  The male Wilson's Warbler was seen today in his new favorite location, the last tree on the creek overlook path off MacKinnon's Way.  We went to the spot at 10AM and found him immediately in a small warbler flock.  Just before we left at noon we went back to the same tree and he was still there.

14 warbler species:
1  Wilson's (male) -- day 6
4  Ovenbird 
2  Palm
7  Common Yellowthroat
15  Am. Redstart (4 male)
2  Yellow-Throated
6  N. Parula
5  Black-Throated Blue
4  Black + White
5  Magnolia
1  Chestnut-Sided
1  N. Waterthrush
1  Cape May
1  Blackpoll

Other Migrants:
1  Red-Eyed Vireo
3  White-Eyed Vireo
1  Yellow-Throated Vireo
15  Indigo Bunting
1  Chuck-Will's-Widow
2  House Wren
1  Merlin
1  E. Wood Pewee
1  Empidonax Flycatcher
1  Blue Grosbeak
1  Scarlet Tanager
1  Belted Kingfisher
8  Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
8  Gray Catbrd

Special Yard Birds today:
2  male Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks at feeder (eating black oil sunflower seeds) and eating Beautyberries -- 4th day
1  Summer Tanager eating small seeds at feeder
1  Scarlet Tanager male --- visitor to birdbath for several days
1  male Painted Bunting

Shirley and Bill Hills
Melbourne VIllage