Not much activity in the hammock at Turkey Creek but the parking lot birds were active both Sunday and today.  As usual the field at the end of Hackberry Lane was especially interesting.  A mixed flock of sparrows had dropped into the field Sunday --- our group spent some time trying to get good looks at these skulky birds which are not often seen at Turkey Creek.  Once we realized several species were involved, sorting them out was greatly simplified.  The sparrows were a one-day event --- by Monday every last one was gone.

Sunday's list plus any new birds seen Monday --- both days almost identical:

8  warbler species:
20  Pine
3  Yellow-Throated
2  Yellow-Rumped
2  Black-Throated Blue
1  Common Yellowthroat
1  Redstart (no tail)
1  Orange Crowned (our 1st of season on 10/29)
1  Ovenbird (heard)

Other Migrants:
6  BGG
6  Gray Catbird
4  E. Phoebe
3  Indigo Bunting
1  Painted Bunting (female)
3  House Wren
3  R-C Kinglet
2  Blue Grosbeak
2  Kestrel
2  Blue-Headed Vireo
2+  Chipping Sparrow
1  Field Sparrow
1  Swamp Sparrow
1  Belted Kingfisher
1  R-T Hummingbird
1  Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Shirley and Bill Hills
Melbourne Village