18 members of an Audubon group from West Palm Beach birded with us this morning at Turkey Creek.  Phyllis Mansfield led another group of 11 birders from the Port St. Lucie area.  Also present were several other birders we met from time to time.  The following list incorporates sightings from all the groups.  People were still birding when we left, so there may be additions to the list.

17 warbler species:

1  Wilson's (male) first seen by Brian krikorian of Orlando --- all we had to do was walk up and look at the bird, a thrill for the West Palm Beach folks as well as for the rest of us --- certainly a very rare bird for Turkey Creek.  The bird was found at the intersection of Hackberry Lane and the boardwalk, late in the morning.

2  Yellow-Throated
4  Black + White
1  Prairie
4  Am. Redstart
2  Common Yellowthroat
4  Ovenbird
2  Magnolia
5  Black-Throated Blue
4  Palm
3  N. Parula
1  Black-Throated Green (female)
1  Chestnut-Sided
1  Worm-Eating
4  Pine
1  Blackpoll
1  Hooded (male)

Other Migrants:
4  Scarlet Tanager
5  Catbird
4  Red-Eyed Vireo
1  White-Eyed Vireo
1  Indigo Bunting
2  Painted Bunting (male)
1  Empidonax Flycatcher
1  Veery
1  Swainson's Thrush
1  Gray-Cheeked Thrush
1  House Wren
1  Blue Grosbeak
1  R-T Hummingbird
1  Merlin
1  Cooper's Hawk
7  BGG

Around noon, as we were leaving, it appeared that more birds were arriving.

Shirley and Bill Hills
Melbourne Village