The passing cold front left us with wildly lashing treetops and dark dreary skies.  We could hear lots of chipping birds but not much was moving -- too windy.  Roy Book and Paul Marvin birded with us this morning.

13 warbler species:
1  Wilson's (male) --- day 3, same place same time;  intersection of Hackberry Lane and the boardwalk, late morning
2  Black-Throated Green 
3  Yellow-Throated
7  Common Yellowthroat
3  Magnolia
4  Am. Redstart
4  Black-Throated Blue (3 males)
3  Ovenbird
3  Black + White
1  Blackpoll
2  N. Parula
4  Pine
15  Palm

Other Migrants:
1  E. Wood Pewee
1  Empidonax Flycatcher
1  E. Phoebe
5  Red-Eyed Vireo
3  White-Eyed Vireo
1  Swainson's Thrush
2  Blue Grosbeak
1  Summer Tanager
5  Gray Catbird
6  Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
1  Merlin
2  House Wren

We had a male Rose-Breased Grosbeak at a feeder in our yard at 7 AM.  He was there several times in the afternoon along with an immature male.

Shirley and Bill Hills
Melbourne Village