Molly wrote:

>I assume many of our fine athletes are kinesthic
>learners. How then would a "traditional" study table environment
>work for them?

I think she has made an excellent point.  Athletes at San Jose State
University with g.p.a.'s under 3.0 must attend study table time.  Many find
sitting at a table for hours on end pretty tortuous.  I would, too!  An
alternative learning center was set up a year or so ago with a learning
professional in charge instead of coaches.  Student-athletes were able to
walk around and even go to the bathroom if needed.  They were required to
account for their time spent by describing what they did and learned before
they left.  It worked well.  But then the coaches got nervous because they
felt they were losing control.  They often stopped their athletes from
attending. The professional in charge became disgusted after numerous
arguments.  The center closed.  Back to sitting for 3 hours a night.

Lonna Smith
Department of Linguistics and Language Development
San Jose State University
Phone: (408)924-4431

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