I first worked with the LD checklist when I worked with Dr. Dale Jordan in
1992 when he was employed by the Adult Education division of our state ed
department to help educate the state's adult education programs in the area
of learning disabilities in adults.  He retired in 1993, I believe, and
returned to his home state of Oklahoma.  I have not heard from him in a few
years; I'm not even sure where he is.  However, he does have two very
excellent books still in print and published by LDA.  I believe that one of
them, <Teaching Adults with Learning Disabilities>, may contain this
checklist.  The books are available at  in their
bookstore under the heading <Adult>.  Perhaps the Learning Disabilities
Association could locate Dr. Jordan.

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Thanks for taking all the time to fax the LD checklist!  That was a lot of
work on your part.

If anyone were to post the LD checklist to the Web, we would find the author
in a hurry especially if the one posting put his or her name to the
checklist as the author! hahahahah heheheeee
Helen Sabin

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