We, too, have reduced tutoring services for social sciences because of the
lack of participation. However, I think that part of our problem is the lack
of support from faculty--not that they do not "like" us, but that they don't
think to encourage students to seek assistance, in reading skills, writing
skills or content. When the instructors participate, the students come in
droves and tend to come back for other courses. We have one history
professor who was so concerned about her students' papers that she required
the students to see a tutor before turning in the paper. I think this is a
little radical (and does put us in a tizzy for a while), but it gets the
students thinking about writing good papers for courses other than English.
My goal is to develop peer assisted study groups for those courses. I'm
thinking that we will enlist the support of instructors/professors, supply a
staff person to initiate the study group and back out as the group attains
proficiency. This is not SI, but should work in a similar manner. Since I
don't plan on paying a study group facilitator for an entire semester, I
hope to save some money.

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We see both situations.  When we offered tutoring for social science
courses, we had very little reponse to utilizing those tutors.  We dropped
funding for those areas and concentrated on courses with higher numbers of
students requesting assistance.  Those individuals that come into our
program need help with how to more effectively and efficiently prepare for
social science classes (study skills).  However, the social science programs
offer their own resource centers where students come to get help with course
concepts.  For example, some individuals find it very difficult to
understand the idea of "conditioned responses" and other related psychology

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>>> Larry Arrington <[log in to unmask]> 10/27/00 08:33AM >>>
I'd like to know if there are any strong opinions or observations regarding
the need / usefulness of Social Sciences tutors (Psych, Soc, Hist, etc.) in
a college learning center environment.  It seems that some people believe
that assistance for students in these courses is mainly study skills /
writing related vs. actual content area....while others feel that the
material / concepts need to be addressed for some students.

Larry Arrington
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