I am sorry that I did not make myself more specific.  I am actually looking
for a form that the faculty can use to recommend a student to be a tutor in
our program.

Our faculty want a definite say as to whether a student should participate
as a leader in the program.  A recommendation form not only helps them (they
do not have to write several letters), but it also gives us the specific
information that we need to evaluate the student's capabilities.

I appreciate the quick response from those who have already provided their
materials it is very helpful.

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Subject: faculty recommendation form

I'm not sure what you have in mind when you say "faculty recommendation
form." Do you mean a form that a faculty member would fill out in order to
refer a student for tutoring?  If that's the case, I have found that most
faculty would rather just send the student to the Learning Center.  So much
paper floats around the institution that no one wants to see any more. Many
times, the student refers himself.  Occasionally, another faculty member
will stop by to tell me that he or she suggested to a student that he or
she find the Center.

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