Do you have a tutoring center,
or have a coordinator who connects students and tutors, or what else?

The Center for Academic Excellence is the
campus tutoring Center.  We have three
professionals working in the Center or the
equivalent of  2 1/2  positions.   But
Central only pays for 1 1/2 professionals.
Our Student Support Services (SSS) grant
pays  the rest of our salaries.

How do you assess need for tutoring, if you do?

We have a multi-tiered system for assessing
tutorial need.  Students may self-refer; faculty
may refer; departments may refer those students
who need basic-skills endorsements to graduate.

how is your center funded : operating budget, student fees, etc, etc
if TRIO-funded, what do you do about non-TRIO students

We are TRIO FUNDED at the 50% level; we serve
non-TRIO students too!

Do you charge students for tutoring?  if so,how do you handle it?

No, tutoring is free!

What are your limits on tutoring, if any

No limits established.

Do you use peer tutors or outsiders or both
How much do you pay them, or do you?

We have peer tutors and run a
general tutorial operation AND
an SI-model program.

What does the center [or person] do that you would want to pass on to

Look to more than one kind of assistance
to make your programs cost-effective.
Our SI-type program helps our budget
bottom line trememdously.
In addition, if you can use
peer tutors to do study groups, this
will also be an economically sound
way to proceed.

What, if anything, did you try, and then promise yourself you would never
do again?

        Keep peer tutors who did not perform on our
staff too long.  No, I am much more apt to truncate
the relationship if they are NOT willing to do the
        In this regard, if a tutor decides NOT to
responsibly show up for work, that tutor will
be given a second chance and then fired if he/she
still does not meet his/her obligations to us.

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Center for Academic Excellence
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"Formal education will earn you a living; self-education
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