I, an ardent Democrat and supporter of Gore, came to the same conclusion as
many of you.  I think Bush was nervous and trying to get a lot of ideas
across quickly, and his error was more of a error in debating than of his
actual knowledge and thinking.  What disturbs me more is the person who
wrote that "many students are at-risk because they have not learned.  Too
little has been expected of many of our students which has led to their
under-achievement. Bush has it right when he says that more should be
expected--from students and educators alike."

I hope I am misinterpreting these remarks, but they sound like there is a
lot of fingerpointing going on.  The reasons that students are at risk are
as numerous as there are students.  Small expectations from poor teachers is
only one possibility.  It is easy to blame teachers for students' poor
achievement.  The fact is that, as in every profession, educators can be
horrible or fabulous or anything in between.  Poor students can come from
good teachers and good students can come from poor teachers.  It's not a
simple cause and effect relationship.

Lonna Smith
San Jose State University

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