There was a fascinating article in a recent Kappan journal that discussed
the state of education in Texas.  Thanks to Gov. Bush, the schools whose
students tested poorly (mostly poor schools with minority students) are
forced to raise their test scores to satisfy the Governor and his people.
The way teachers do this is by teaching to the test and teaching how to take
timed tests.  Of course, this means that real education goes by the wayside
to make time to teach test taking skills.  As a result, the concept of
equalizing education among the schools in Texas backfires.  Poor testing
students get drilled in the art of reading short passages and picking
correct answers from a list and never read anything authentic or get
practice in thinking critically.

Everytime I hear Bush brag about his testing program and how the scores are
being raised, I gag thinking about the students are missing out on real

Lonna Smith
Sasn Jose State University

>Whether or not George Bush is a great communicator, his philosophy of
>training and testing as a cure-all for the nation's schools is naive and
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