Other LSI Ideas

Thanks so much for the many great responses to my request for a quick
and easy LSI.  I pasted together most of the responses here (there were
so many!  I'm still reading through them!) since several of you
requested that I pass on to you what I found.  Faxed responses are not
in here, but these emails cover most of the referrals I received. Thanks
so much for your help!

Pat Scheib
You can access this for free by typing in your email address at the
bottom of the page.
On-line scoring.

This is the Index of Learning Styles Questionaire.  On-line scoring and
information on learning styles.
another on-line scored instrument that focuses on auditory,
kinesthetic, tactile, etc...

Hope this helps....

Karen R. Jorgensen

I did design an easy to administer and score inventory that focuses on
modalities.  It is in Chapter 4 of College Study Skills: Becoming a
Strategic Learner, Third Edition by Wadsworth.  If you don't have the
text, let me know and I'll fax a copy to you.  Technically it is copy
written by Wadsworth, but I'm sure they would not object to you using it
one time with your classes to try it out.   Again, if you need a copy,
send me your fax number.

Diane Van Blerkom

You might want to take a look at the Barsch Learning Styles Inventory;
short (24 irtems), easy to score and fairly accurate, I believe.

Cora Dzubak

I saw your request on the LRNASST listserv.  Here's a quick and easy
assessment that focuses specifically on the visual, auditory and
kinesthetic preferences for learning.  Click on the URL below to take an
abbreviated version of the Sensory Modality Inventory.  The assessment
is scored online and can be taken by anyone with web access.


Hope this helps!

Jill Strand

I use a learning style inventory called VARK at the following web

Carol Rosenthal, Assistant Director
Academic Resource Center
Utah State University

I think that you might find this quite beneficial...It's a website that
offers a student strategies to try once they have submitted the

Sonja Milbourn

I use both hard copy and online materials for modality preferences. Try
Part One has a series of 3 questionnaires to identify modality.

Maureen Connolly
Elmhurst College

you can great fun with this site!  I use it with my students.
Rosann Rookey

We have a quick and easy to use learning style inventory in our Student
Handbook here at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  To take an
abbreviated version  of the Sensory Modality Inventory, click on the URL
below.  The assessment is scored online.


Jill Strand

Hemispheric Dominance Inventory

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

Keirsey Temperament Sorter (based on MBTI)


Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator

True Colors Character Cards

VARK Inventory

List compiled by Gail M. Platt, Ph.D., South Plains College, Levelland,
TX  79336

These were all active websites on May 4, 2000.  For your convenience,
visit the SPC Learning Center website
( for
convenient links to these sites.  Gail M. Platt, Ph.D., Director of the
Learning Center, South Plains College, Levelland, TX  79336 (806)
894-8611, ext. 2240, FAX (806) 894-5274, [log in to unmask]