The point was not that it was just democrats and yes we should look at
different points of view as we should teach our students to think
critically. But what so often occurs in higher education is that only left
views are esteemed and conservative views are condescended upon as
"uneducated, simple-minded, etc". I feel that we must esteem ALL points of
view, democrat and republican, liberal and conservative as all sides have
merit as well as disadvantages, and we must teach our students accordingly
and not make it that one side is simple minded while the other is so highly
intellectual. Well here was about 15 francs worth-:)

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Subject: Re: political endorsements

I would prefer to comment on political matters only when they relate to
educational issues, but something needs to be said here that is related
what we do.  The most troubling posts on the list lately have been ones
express a blanket, simple and derogatory opinion that doesn't allow for
complexities.  E.g., the one below--some people dodged the draft for
reasons; others did because of moral convictions against the war.  It is
all simple and self-serving and defined by one viewpoint.  (Nor is it
confined to Democrats--e.g. our current Republican ticket.)

I think our list is strongest when we are searching for understanding of
different views on issues.  What we have suffered from lately is people
letting off steam about grievances rather than seeking dialogue or
understanding of issues that are important to our work.  It seems that
if we
want to teach our students to listen and to weigh facts and issues and
just criticize on the basis of preconceived opinions, we could do better
heeding our own lesson.

I also find it troubling when one country or culture is consistently
held as
superior to others.  Most of us work in multicultural settings where we
to be open to the unique value of the many cultures our students
without judging people who are different from us.  Expressing such
works against what we are trying to accomplish with students.  We teach
we live.  Is this what we want to teach?  That *is* a part of our work!

Annette Gourgey
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> Lorraine-
> You would be amazed at how many "academics" and some on this list serv
> "dodged" the vietnam war and military service in general.  They didn't
want to
> stick their necks out and possibly die.  However,  it was good enough
> others who did-President Clinton is an example of this. At least Al
went to
> war even as a "reporter."  Any job no matter what, serves to serve
> country.  Many  take from the country but don't want to give back to
I wish
> all Americans be they men or women would serve the country and if the
French do
> this and believe this then Viva La France.
> Helen Sabin
> Helen
> Lorraine Lavorata wrote:
> >  Yes but the facts must go both ways, not only on the side of the
> > must look at all the facts on both the right and the left and give
> > to both sides as both sides have merit and faults. True, much of
what is
> > the Internet, is not the most scholarly, but as for me, I ignore
most of
> > what I get on the Internet. I obtain my research from studies,
> > personal experiences I have had in the political arena, and primary
> > As educators we can voice our opinions but just because someone is a
> > Republican does not make them bad or evil. Just because of certain
> > articles in favour of Gore does not make him a man of principle no
> > the Internet makes Bush a man of principle. Also as for a personal
> > do not feel dodging the Vietnam War is very honourable. As a person
> > French background, we see fighting for one's country as we say in
> > part of the concept of liberte, egalite et fraternite.
> > Sorry for the controversy but in higher education we must deal with
> > political differences in our teaching, with our students, with the
> > administration and with educational funding for our institutions.
> >
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> >
> >         I grew up in rural East Tennessee during the 1960's.  My
> > neighbor and childhood friend, Donald Robinson, joined the Green
> > and went to Vietnam as I went off to the University of Tennessee
with a
> > draft exemption. Donald never came home.
> >         Senator Albert Gore, Sr. sacrificed his senate seat because
> > was
> > one of the first to speak out against U.S. involvement in the
> > war.
> > He was a man of convictions and principles.  I resent that anyone
> > publish falsehoods and heresay just because they "found" it on the
> > internet.  That is what I find unprofessional about this discussion.
> >         I also believe that Al Gore is a man of principle.  Although
> > search has been relentless the only "dirt" to be found was the
> > at
> > the "Buddhist Temple."  I find it interesting that, although he was
> > found
> > to have done nothing wrong there, it is still used as a negative
> > reflection on his character.  That reveals the prejudice and
> > ethnocentric
> > attitude that is still all too prevalent in a country that is
> > to
> > have freedom of religion.  "How dare he go into a BUDDHIST Temple."
> > Puuh-lees!
> >         I don't care for Gov. Bush's politics, but I promise never
> > call him names, spread falsehood, rumor and innuendo, and level
> > at
> > his father.
> >         Political discussions (and opinions) are valuable and
welcome as
> > far as I'm concerned, but if we could limit it to the facts and/or
> > opinions about THE FACTS, I think we'd all find it much more
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